You should blog

July 16th 2021 | ~ 3 minute read


If you're like me then you'd consider personal expression, aesthetics, passion and creativity to be paramount to your life. There is no better vehicle of personal expression, thoughts and reflection of who you are as a person and what you stand for than your very own blog. It's a space where you're the ultimate arbiter of truth and thanks to the internet that space is accessible to anyone in just a few clicks.

The myth of unimportance

You might say that you're unimportant or that nobody would even bother reading what you've written. Firstly, that's untrue and lastly it's a kind of defeatist mindset that somewhat annoys me. You see, this isn't about importance, this is about something far more valuable, creativity and expression. Even if nobody read my posts I'd still write them. I'd write them for the sake of writing them. To me being able to freely express myself is incredibly therapeutic. Ultimately it's very liberating, a chance to ponder and collect my thoughts. Is what's bringing you joy unimportant to you? I'd say it's very important. Don't let others convince you into rendering your life dull and devoid of meaning when you've got the potential to do so much more with it.

The human connection

So you ask "If this is about personal creativity why not just write a journal, why share any of it with the world?". Because it's also about connecting with like minded individuals who appreciate those qualities. Human beings are not isolated. We desire to connect with others, but we're also selective in this process. We look to associate with those that share our values, goals and aspirations. In doing so we strive to foster meaningful relationships. A blog allows for such appreciation to take place on a never before seen scale. Hundreds of thousands of unique individuals all having their own story to tell. There is a subtle sensation of wonder and awe to realize that everyone around you has a life as complex and as vivid as your own.

A window into the soul

Each blog is unique. Not just in the content that they present, but also in style and feel. The choice of colors, images, animations, sounds and writing styles offers an insight into the blogger's personality, a window into the soul if you will. The seemingly mundane daily activities we can all relate to, a favorite recipe, an album review, an approach to one's life philosophy. All these things and more are at the core of what makes us human, an incredible gift in the first place.


To reiterate, a blog is your own personal space. It's your own world that you hold all the power over (You thought I'd keep writing technical content over and over? 😃), the ultimate vehicle of personal freedom, creativity and expression. There is value in doing what feels right to you as long as it doesn't infringe upon anyone else. In the most sincere way possible I encourage you to shatter whatever reservations about yourself you still might have and begin expressing yourself with a personal blog. You're not unimportant nor are you insignificant. Learn to channel your creativity into something that brings you joy and share your ideas with the world. The world is a lot less of a scary place with people like you around.