Greetings stranger

I'm Dušan /Dǔʃan/.

A desaturated image of myself holding up a piece sign.

You managed to find my secluded home on the web.

I'm 27 years old and I come from Serbia.

Hopefully, you'll find something here that piques your interest.

I'm a professional software developer (a sorcerer in the arcane art of making rocks think), a tinkerer, advocate of free and open source software and minimalism.

When I'm not coding you can usually find me contemplating my life choices.

Mission statement

As a proud member of 512KB club's green team, I strive to have this page load fast even with the slowest of network connections.

In the age of the modern web, content has given way to flashy animations, parallax scrolls and hundreds of kilobytes of JavaScript. It is my mission not to contribute to this trend. As such I'm very proud to feature TEXT in all of its unicode glory, to be read and appreciated. No ads, no tracking, no fingerprinting and no other privacy intrusive nonsense.

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If you so wish, you can support me through Ko-Fi or PayPal.

I don't personally use crypto, but I will accept your BTC contributions.