Nvidia doesn't care about you

March 2nd 2021 | ~ 2 minute read

In light of the recent stunt Nvidia pulled with their RTX 3060 GPUs one would think that their motivations lie in good faith. Don't be deceived dear reader for no thing could be further from the truth.

For those of you not in the know, what Nvidia has done here is limit the hash rate on their RTX 3060 GPUs in half when mining Ethereum. This is, allegedly, supposed to discourage miners from buying them. The truth however is much more in line with good business than with what the people want. Nvidia made new chips specifically for mining dubbed "CMPs". But here's the problem, those chips are still GPUs, GPUs that could've very well become part of the GeForce series for gaming. No, what Nvidia did wasn't done to protect gamers, it was done, as all companies do, to generate profits to the shareholders.

This is, in my humble opinion, just another of Nvidia's anti consumer stances. They have done similar things in the past, one relevant for Linux users such as myself. They categorically refuse to work with the Linux kernel effort, prompting the man in charge to famously express his sentiment towards Nvidia.

And the most important of all. Any company that chooses for you what you can or cannot do with the hardware you've purchased deserves all the criticism they can get and Nvidia in particular shouldn't be an exception.